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Litter Control

The H.C.S.W.A. offers the following suggestions on what your role is in helping out our community. We appreciate any effort you provide that helps keep our environment clean and healthy. Find out how you can make a difference below:

What Can You Do to Help?

  • Report trash, waste and/or junk vehicles directly to the Harrison County Planning Commission. Go to www.harrisoncountywv.com and click on 'Public Nuisance Complaint Form'.

  • Report to a local or state law enforcement agency any illegal dumpsites or abandoned appliances.

  • Report the license number, location, time, and a description of any dangerously or unsecurely loaded truck.

  • Always carry a car litter bag in your vehicles. Bags are available from the Office of Conservation, Education, and Litter Control. You may also use a plastic shopping bag as a litter bag.

  • Encourage groups to join the Adopt-A-Highway Program sponsored by the Divisions of Highways and Natural Resources by adopting two or more miles of state maintained highway. For more information... call 1-800-322-5530 or email Anna Shahan at www.wvdep/aah.

    West Virginia Contact Information

    West Virginia Solid Waste Managment Board
    601 57th Street, SE
    Charleston, WV 25304
    Phone: 304-926-0448

    DNR Division of Natural Resources
    Division of Law Enforcement
    324 Fourth Ave
    South Charleston, WV 25303
    Phone: 304-558-2784

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