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Welcome to the Harrison County Solid Waste Authority's web site!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 concerns, the Harrison County Recycling Center has been temporarily closed and is no longer accepting recyclable material. Because of this the recycling trailers have been temporarily removed from the Anmoore Fire Department and the Shinnston Price Cutter parking lots. Additionally, due to the same concerns, haulers are not collecting recyclable material at this time. Unfortunately, all recyclable material must be set out with your normal household trash. Trailers will be returned to these locations when the Harrison County Recycling Center reopens and it is safe for our workers and the public to use. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE RECYCLABLE MATERIALS AT THE ANMOORE FIRE DEPARTMENT OR THE SHINNSTON PRICE CUTTER.

ALSO, FREE DAY has been suspended at Meadowfill and S&S Landfill. Once the State of Emergency has been lifted, FREE DAY will resume.

Mountain State Waste

This site offers many resources concerning solid waste and recycling. Please browse our site for the latest information on events and more. Thanks for visiting.

  • If you live in a municipality please go to our general information page to find out who to contact to have your household solid waste (trash) picked up and their schedule for trash pickup and recycling.

    Enterprise Sanitation Truck

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    For more information please email us at jennifer@clarks.twcbc.com

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